All Because Two People Fell In Love...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daddy Is Coming Home!!!! Where are all of you?

Yeah!!!!! Jason is coming home tomorrow and Shawn and I couldn't be more excited. It has been a long week with Jason gone to Portland, but Shawn and I made it. As you all know, Shawn is stuck to Jason like glue so it was fun to have a little bit of Mommy and Shawn time, but man do we miss Daddy. It is just not the same without him.

Last night Shawn told me, "I will go to big bed when Daddy come home from work." I thought to myself, oh my it is going to be a long night. He did go to sleep but the first thing he said this morning was, "I want to lay wis Daddy!" He had to settle for Daddy's pillow while watching cartoons. We missed him terribly and are so happy he is coming home tomorrow.

I'm keeping my thoughts short today, but I want to know where all of your updates are. It was you who convinced me to start blogging. Everyday, I get on to see all of your updates and still none. Please don't leave me hanging anymore. I miss you all!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aaw...The Little Things!

I think it is important for us take a moment to celebrate the little things that make us smile and laugh each day.
  • A text from my husband! Jason is away in Portland for a week. I guess day 2 of his week away is the one where I really miss him BAD. Just about the time I want to call him and know I can't because he is working, I get a text just to see how my day was. Thanks for asking Babe, and all I really needed today was to hear from you. Shawn is missing Daddy too. He told me before bedtime, "I don't wanna go big bed...Daddy come home from work."

  • A surprise talk with G-Daddy! I called my sister today to chat for a while. I was a bit down because I hadn't heard from my dad, and he is supposed to leave for Africa today. While talking to her she says, "Hey, Daddy wants to talk to Shawn." Hmmm...isn't Daddy supposed to be on an airplane right now? After loosing his passport, my dad wasn't able to go to work today. This is totally out of character for him, but at the same time, you think God works in mysterious ways. Shawn had been asking for G-Daddy and there he was on the other end of the line. Dad and I had a great talk today, he always gives me a burst of reality and insight. Thanks for the great talk Daddy, we haven't had one of those in a while.

  • Just a few extra days! I know that it is extremely hard for my dad to leave the girls and Anita behind each month to go to work. As frustrating as it is that he lost his passport, it is a few more days that he gets to be with the family. Even just a few days are a blessing that need appreciation. Maybe you should take the boat out for a ride dad, since you haven't this month.

  • You noticed! You know, Jason and I are with Shawn Shawn every day. We laugh at him and try to share with everyone all of the funny and heartfealt things he says. We love that he loves you all so much that he turns to you in his times of despair (like bedtime or to avoid time out). He is forever begging to talk to Uncle Zach, Nana, G-Daddy, G-Mommy, Nini, Momo, Uncle Andrew, Uncle Zeke, Aunt Tiffany, Grandma, Grandpa. This is the cycle we go through on a regular basis. He loves you all but most of all he ALWAYS wants to talk to Aunt Cole (what have you been sneaking him Nicole). Today though, G-Daddy noticed that his speech has improved and he is much easier to understand, they even had a conversation on the phone. Thanks for noticing Dad!

  • Shawnisms! So Shawn is playing in the tub tonight and I stepped out to grab his pajamas. When I come back he is using the backscrubber like a plunger. Of course I laught hysterically and say, "Shawn Mykal Nino, what are you doing?" His response is, "There is a lot of paper towels Mommy...Tyson do it at school." Tyson is the Assistant Director at his school. I guess he has been plunging the classroom potty and now we plunge at home.

?????I wonder what tomorrow brings?????

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Wild Ride

Today, Shawn friend Becca from next door came over to play. We wanted her to come and play so that her parents could have a little break, but they are just so darn cute, we all ended up watching them in the backyard.

Shawn got a new truck just like Daddy's for Christmas and today he picked up Becca for their first date. He keeps telling us how much he likes Becca. She has a great smile, great laugh, awesome personality, she is super cute and her parents are pretty cool too. I guess today, he finally got up enough nerve to take her for a ride in his 'Pick-up.' The funny part is, she an independent woman and took over the drivers seat taking him for a ride (even if he had to push the gas for her because her feet barely reach). PRICELESS!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I've had this picture for a while, but it brings a smile to my face even on the worst of days. It amazes me every day how much of Jason's humorous character Shawn has. Is that something that is learned? Can you tell he is Jason's son. Now that he has his own guitar, that will be the next pic.
This week has been a tough one at work, but no matter how tough the day is, I always come home to my loving family who jump and scream and give kisses to welcome me home. Oh...oops, that is just my dogs. I absolutely love my husband and cherish every moment we have together with our son, but I have no clue what he did to have Shawn so stuck up his butt. My son could care less right now whether I am home or not. He is so attached to his daddy. I guess I should just be thankful that I have such an amazing husband and father. Thank you Jason for all you do to make Shawn so happy!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The first of many...

This is our very first blog. My brother Zach and sister-in-law Nicole introduced me to blogging so that we can share memories as our children and families grow. I hope that you enjoy sharing in our memories with us.

I hope that our blog will serve as a place where our friends and family can join in laughter that Jason and I are experiencing as Shawn grows. He is definately the life in our party, and there is never a dull moment. Hold tight to your stomach, because many of our stories can make your tummy turn. I hope you don't have a sensitive one, because you will miss out.

In just the last week, here are a couple of his finer moments:

  • We are working hard on potty training right now. As I pick Shawn up from school his teacher shares with me that rather than going potty, Shawn is turned around singing and dancing with a hip thrust, "Shawn Shawn shake the snake, Shawn Shawn shake the snake." I was absolutely horrified. I have no clue where this came from and am disgusted. The only thing that I can determine is that he has a toy snake that he runs around shaking and hissing at us and we will scream. I pray that this is the connection he has made, but never sings the song again. I have never been so embarrased, but am bracing myself as my friends tell me this is the life of mom of boys.
  • Our 2 year old is becoming an expert at avoidance tactics. Today, the task to avoid is nap time. Just when I think that he has finally settled in to rest, Shawn shouts, "Mommy, I have poop in my pants!" Well, of course I am going to come in the room. I can't have him resting in dirty pants. But what do you know, mommy got outsmarted by the 2 year old. Do you think there was poop in the pants, NO!!!!
  • There is constant noise at our house. If the dogs aren't barking then Shawn is screaming. This is the life. This morning the dogs barked at the door to go outside, so I let them. Next Shawn wants to go outside. When I tell him no because it is rainy and cold, he seems to accept it. 3 minutes later though, I have a 2 year old barking at the door to get out. "Woof Woof mommy, I need to go outside." I guess he thinks that is the code word to get out.
  • As you know, we have a colorful family. My brother refers to us as Neopolitan. Last night, Shawn and I were watching the 20/20 Special on the Haitian Earthquake. The producers were documenting all of the children who are victims of the earthquake. Shawn, as serious as can be looks up at me and says, "MOM, hey, that looks like Shawn Shawn!" Of course he is right, and so begin the conversations about why we all look different.