All Because Two People Fell In Love...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We just returned home from a much needed break at my brother's house. As we are both 1st time parents this year, Jason and I spent Valentines Day weekend with Zach and Nicole along with our handsome boys Shawn and Luke.

I can not believe how much Luke has grown. He is so handsome and has the greatest smile ever. I don't think Shawn knows what to think of him or do with him and all I want for him to do is love on him. We were able to manipulate to get a couple of posed pictures but Shawn quickly said, "I'm done!" as he pushed Luke away. I think it is more that his busy body can not sit still for more than 2 minutes.

None the less, we had a great Valentine dinner, and are so happy that we were able to spend time with The Corbell Crew.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Those is for the Ladies!!!!.

We are quickly learning that our 2 1/2 year old son has no filter on his mouth and he quickly says whatever comes to mind. He unfortunately is also very smart (maybe I'm partial) and is making many connections in life. Today...Jason and I decided that maybe it is time for me to become a more modest person.
When walking through Kohl's this weekend, we encounter a large clothing rack full of bras and underwear waiting to be put on the sales floor. Brace yourself for his latest connection in life. Shawn announces to all of the employees and shoppers,
"HEY, Those is for the LADIES!!''

Thank you Shawn Mykal for education me. The last time we visited this same store, I had to take a potty break. As we leave the restroom and travel through the home decor, he tells the very nice lady enjoying her day of shopping,

"LADY, My mommy just did potty!"

Thank you Shawn Mykal for educating a perfect stranger. I guess this is God telling me that maybe Kohls is not the store for me.

Another very proud moment we had this week was when we went to cheer on Uncle Andrew at his final basketball game. "Go Lions!!" They went out on top. I do think however that the highlight of the game was when one of the 8th grade boys went to the free throw line. Just as he is on his third 'focus dribble' set to shoot, Shawn Mykal shouts,

"What you gonna do with you pants on the ground?"

Needless to say, the poor child lost concentration, laughed and missed his shot. Do you think we let our son watch inappropriate things on TV. Oh wait, we are perfect parents and don't let our child watch TV. I apologize Andrew for the embarrassment.

In addition to these learning experiences, Shawn has also recently been exploring and developing an understanding of his 5 senses. As I am typing this blog posting, Shawn has told Jason and I that he is need of some 'Pribasy' or as we adults call it 'Privacy.' This is how the conversation typically goes.

Mommy or Daddy: "What are you doing Shawn?"
Shawn: "I need some pribasy."
Mommy or Daddy: "Why? What are you doing that you need privacy?"
Shawn as he closes the door: "Go away...I need pribasy."
Mommy or Daddy: "Why? Are you pooping your pants?"
Shawn: "No, just a little bit."
Mommy or Daddy: "If I look in your pants is there going to poop?"
Shawn: "Just a little bit."
What this typically means is that Shawn is avoiding the toilet because he refuses to poop on the toilet. We always ask him, "Shawn go sit on the potty. You can do this, let's sit on the potty." His typical reponse is, "'s just a little bit." Well tonight our conversation took another direction. It went just like this:

Mommy: "What are you doing Shawn?"
Shawn: "I need some pribacy."
Mommy: "Are you doing poop? You need to do that in the toilet."
Shawn: "No...I need pribacy."
Mommy: "If I look in your pants what am I going to see."
Shawn, as he is backing up to me so that I can look in his pants says:

" smells like it is a BIG one."
He was right. OH, the memories. On another note...I can't wait for Saturday to come. We wil be heading to Ft. Worth to celebrate a family style Valentines Day with Uncle Zach, Aunt Nicole and Baby Luke. My how our lives have changed and we couldn't be happier about it. We have so many things to be thankful for and blessed with this year. I hope you all know how much we love you and miss you terribly!